Dr. Fauci Warns of “Two Americas” If People Don’t Take Vaccine

Dr. Fauci Warns of

(TheRedWire.com) – Over the last year, states governed by strong GOP governors took a different course in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic than those under Democratic control. Florida and Texas took measured precautions, balancing the needs of their economies with the health requirements of their populations. Meanwhile, California and New York imposed draconian lockdowns at the recommendation of experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci, crippling all functional aspects within those states and creating a political and economic divide.

Now, America’s spokesperson on COVID-19, Dr. Fauci, warns vaccination status could deepen America’s divisions. As fewer people vaccinate, the government’s top infectious diseases doc expressed concern that a growing gap between those who are and are not vaccinated could cause spikes in COVID-19 cases.

Fauci said the divide could create “two Americas” — one where highly vaccinated regions experience few consequences from the virus and another where unvaccinated areas experience a high degree of spread from COVID mutations like the delta and other variants.

While President Biden has repeatedly stated he hoped to see 70% of the country vaccinated by July 4, only roughly 66% were partially vaccinated as of June 30, meaning the president’s goal will fall short.

Trust in Dr. Fauci diminished after some of his emails surfaced in June in which he contradicted his previous Congressional testimony, inflaming controversy.

The more Dr. Fauci talks, the less some Americans might listen. If he’s controversial, divisive, and too fluid in his opinions, perhaps Fauci isn’t the right spokesperson for the vaccine.

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