Dr. Fauci’s Private Emails Show Something Really Scary

Dr. Fauci's Private Emails Show Something Really Scary

(TheRedWire.com) – For nearly a year, Dr. Anthony Fauci was inconsistent when it came to the origins of the COVID-19 virus. Then, emails emerged suggesting he knew more than he was letting on about the situation. For the second time, emails are coming out that don’t expose the good doctor in a positive light. Communications between Fauci and his former boss, retired National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins, reveal the two conspired to discredit other medical professionals.

The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) received emails from November 8, 2020, showing Fauci and Collins coordinating a plan to take down three epidemiologists who worked for AIER and didn’t agree with their assessment regarding herd immunity. AIER is a libertarian think tank promoting the abandonment of lockdowns in favor of herd immunity and a return to everyday life. Collins emailed Fauci to tell him they needed a fast and devastating response. Later in the day, Fauci sent Collins an op-ed refuting herd immunity.

While Collins and Fauci held true to their views, they hesitated to share them with Donald Trump’s White House, which they believed would not appreciate their stance. When asked about the takedown email on Friday, December 17, Collins dismissed it. He said if they had attempted to allow herd humanity, hundreds of thousands more people would have died, the virus could have mutated. He also claimed the country would never have achieved herd immunity anyway.

We’ll never know if that’s true or not.

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