Drought Uncovers WWII Bomb, Leading to Evacuations

Drought Uncovers WWII Bomb, Leading to Evacuations

Bomb FOUND – 3,000 Forced to Evacuate!

(TheRedWire.com) – During World War II, the United States heavily bombed Italy to limit wartime manufacturing. While munitions experts disarmed most devices decades ago, some fell in remote places or into bodies of water and remained active threats. Now, as the country experiences the worst drought it’s seen in more than 70 years due to heat waves throughout Europe, the level of the Po River, the longest in Italy, has dropped significantly as it travels from east to west in the country’s northern region The drought is exposing new things, including an unexploded World War II bomb that led to an evacuation on July 25.

The government called on experts to assess the situation near Mantua. They determined the United States manufactured the 1000-pound device, boasting 530 pounds of explosives. Trained technicians recommended cutting the fuse before moving the bomb to a nearby quarry, where they suggested a controlled detonation.

Out of an abundance of caution, given the device’s age, officials evacuated the 3,000 people who lived in the area before defusing the device. Additionally, the government closed the airspace around the site and stopped railway and road traffic.

Specially trained bomb disposal engineers successfully removed the fuse. Police then escorted a bomb squad to the quarry, where experts safely detonated it.

The explosive device wasn’t the only thing the dried-up river exposed. In June, it revealed a 164-foot barge that carried wood during World War II. It sank in 1943.

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