Elon Musk Chosen As Time Person of the Year

Elon Musk Chosen As Time Person of the Year

(TheRedWire.com) – Every year, Time Magazine chooses a person of the year. The publication says it selects individuals based on influence and appoints one or more people as the person who had the most significant impact during the previous 12 months. The pick for 2021 will probably not surprise anyone.

On December 13, Time announced Elon Musk as its person of the year. Among the many reasons for giving him the honor are his status as the richest man on Earth, his quirky personality, and his contributions to society.

Musk is the CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX. Through these ventures, he controls the majority of the electric vehicle market and far surpasses other space adventuring companies, such as Boeing. He won an exclusive contract with NASA earlier in the year, and crafted a massive Tesla agreement with Hertz, showing why he has significantly increased his wealth.

With a net worth of over $250 billion, he has the funds to bring to life whatever his overactive imagination can think up. He isn’t afraid to rock the boat either. He’s openly spoken out against the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better bill, and when he sold Tesla stock recently, it rocked the market.

He has his fingers in everything from cryptocurrency to the climate. The South African native is also experimenting with computer brain implants and underground tunnels.

Musk has an almost cult-like following, and it isn’t hard to see why. The engineer overcame a rough childhood and Asperger’s syndrome to become one of the best-known people in the world. He’s bringing his dreams to reality, doing everything and anything he’s always wanted to do, showing people anyone can make it big.

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