Epstein Victims Have Copies of His Blackmail Tapes, Documents Show

Epstein Victims Have Copies of His Blackmail Tapes, Documents Show

(TheRedWire.com) – Rumors of tapes of illicit encounters between convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his victims circulated for several years. On June 28, 2022, Epstein enabler Ghislaine Maxwell received a 20-year sentence in federal prison for her scheme to aid him in sexually exploiting and abusing minor girls for a decade. On August 10, 2019, the financier died in jail. Officials ruled his death a suicide. Now, a victim said she has digital copies of his blackmail tapes.

Recently, a Virginia judge ordered documents unsealed. Among them was an allegation by Sarah Ransome, an alleged victim, that she hid explicit video tapes recorded by Epstein. In an email to the New York Post from Ransome, she said her friends had intimate relations with the convicted pedophile and stated he filmed each one. Her friend managed to get a copy identifying their faces during the act. Still, the financier managed to keep his face from the camera.

Ransome said she was willing to testify about the existence of the videos in court and release them as directed. She also stated in the email that police humiliated her friend when she tried to inform them of the crimes and forced her to remain quiet. Later, she retracted her statement and walked away from the story fearing for her safety.

Other women have also claimed Epstein and Maxwell recorded sexual videos of those they trafficked as insurance.

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