Ex-Facebook Executive Will Focus on Women’s Issues After Supreme Court Leak

Ex-Facebook Executive Will Focus on Women's Issues After Supreme Court Leak

Ex-Facebook Executive Reveals NEW AGENDA Days After Stepping Down

(TheRedWire.com) – Ever since the leaked draft opinion regarding the possible future of Roe v. Wade came out of the US Supreme Court, proponents on both sides of the abortion issue began preparing for a final decision. Over the Memorial Day weekend, Sheryl Sandberg stepped down from her CEO position at Meta-Facebook to focus on women’s issues ahead of the SCOTUS decision. The powerful tech professional has been public about her advocacy to keep Roe v. Wade in force as the law of the land and plans to do more to help preserve women’s rights in the United States.

Sandberg’s Work

Sandberg, known not only for her high position with Facebook but for her advocacy for women, is the co-founder and chair of the organization Lean In Foundation, which helps women globally advance into leadership positions and fight for inclusion in the workplace. Unfortunately, her job with Meta didn’t allow her enough time to concentrate on her philanthropic ventures. She said now is a “very important” time for women, and she felt the need to help in any way possible — starting with women’s advocacy.

In May, she made some noise by publicly responding to the leaked SCOTUS draft on Facebook, despite the company’s policy for employees not to discuss the abortion issue. The policy and lack of free time may have been just the thing to push Sandberg into action, quitting her prestigious job. Yet, the executive stated she isn’t stepping down until the fall and that she’s not entirely abandoning the company. Sandberg plans to remain on the Meta Board of Directors.

Reactions and Next Steps

While she admitted there was no “perfect time” to step down from Meta, she felt it was essential to refocus her life on the issues of today regarding women. She said the company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg was very supportive of her decision, and working with him has been the “privilege of a lifetime.” The CEO called the move the “end of an era,” saying he’ll miss her.

Sandberg is steadfast in her belief that each woman “must be free” to choose her future, including when she becomes a mother. The advocate feels she’s obliged to use her strong views and philanthropic prowess to fight for what she believes is right for the women of America.

As the people of the United States wait for a potentially landmark SCOTUS decision, the former COO plans to be ready for wherever that might lead the country.

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