Famous Football Coach Fired for His Medical Choices

Famous Football Coach Fired for His Medical Choices

(TheRedWire.com) – As the firings for refusal to get vaccinated increase across the country, vaccination mandates recently started impacting the sports world. Washington Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee issued a COVID-19 inoculation order for all state employees by August 18. On Monday, October 18, Washington State University (WSU) fired its head football coach for refusing to follow its inoculation rule.

Coach Nick Rolovich is reportedly the first coach to lose a job due to a vaccination mandate. His contract with WSU ran through 2025. It stated the coach could be fired for legal cause and for not following university rules. WSU Athletic Director (AD) Pat Chun announced the firing and said the school needed to begin healing immediately. Chun acknowledged that the player’s emotions ranged from anger to sadness. The AD didn’t indicate if the school or the coach took the brunt of the player’s feelings.

In July, those close to Rolovich said he applied for a religious exemption, but the outcome of the request is unclear outside of the fact the school fired him. As the pressure mounted on the coach, he refused to talk about his vaccination status. Chun declined to provide any other details outside of the announcement citing privacy laws.

The university also fired four other coaches on the staff for not coming into compliance with the vaccination mandate in addition to the head coach. The football program is reeling as the school begins looking for new coaches, and the team prepares to play Brigham Young University on Saturday.

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