FBI and DOJ Accused of Overreach in Project Veritas Investigation

FBI and DOJ Accused of Overreach in Project Veritas Investigation

FBI Document SEIZURE – This Is A National Disgrace

(TheRedWire.com) – In 2020, a source contacted Project Veritas, saying it had a secret diary belonging to then-Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden. The source told Project Veritas they acquired the journal after Ashley Biden moved out of her Florida home and left it behind. Project Veritas attempted to validate if it was authentic by contacting Ms. Biden.

Ultimately, they chose not to publish the diary’s materials. Instead, a website unaffiliated with Project Veritas published the diary before the news outfit could deliver it to a Florida police station. In October 2021, the FBI raided Project Veritas founder Peter O’Keefe’s home and took several electronic documents.

The First Amendment protects journalists from most legal liabilities, but the FBI alleged Project Veritas was active in stealing the diary. Still, Microsoft, Veritas’ communications service provider, said that the FBI obtained warrants eight months before the secret source offered it to them.

O’Keefe’s attorney, Paul Calli, filed a motion with the court alleging the FBI violated the Constitution, the Privacy Protection Act, and the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) internal procedures in an extreme case of government overreach. He said the government was not telling the truth and that the defendant did not steal the diary.

US District Judge Analisa Torres gave the government until Friday, May 6, to respond to the motion.

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