FBI Blocks Release of Important Documents Related to January 6th

FBI Blocks Release of Important Documents Related to January 6th

(TheRedWire.com) – In the wake of the January 6, 2021, riot on Capitol Hill, Democrats declared that some Republicans attempted an insurrection against the US government. Things may not be working out for prosecutors as Democrats had hoped. On Wednesday, April 6, a US federal judge acquitted a January 6 defendant who argued the police officers opened the doors to the Capitol building and all but invited the crowd into the building. Now, new information is coming out, indicating the FBI is stonewalling the release of documents that could prove suspects’ innocence.

On Tuesday, April 12, American Greatness Senior Contributor Julie Kelly appeared on Steve Bannon’s Podcast, The Bannon War Room. She revealed several interesting insights about the investigation against the January 6 suspect. First, Kelly said FBI agents were dispatched to the Capitol grounds that day, but there is no video of anyone wearing identification or an FBI jacket. Additionally, the journalist said FBI counter-terror head Jill Sanborn can’t say whether or not any FBI agents or informants incited or were involved in the violence on that day.

Making matters worse, Kelly said the FBI has refused to upload hundreds of thousands of January 6 documents to a shareable platform. By withholding the information, defense attorneys cannot properly help their clients.

The American Greatness journalist stated the Justice Department was enabling a massive injustice against patriotic Americans.

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