FBI Case Against “Kidnappers” Reportedly Falls Apart

FBI Case Against

(TheRedWire.com) – In October 2020, the media reported frantically that Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) was the potential victim of a plot by right-wing extremists to kidnap her. Many law enforcement and legal experts believed it was an open and shut case, but was it? Almost 15 months later, defense attorneys question the credibility of FBI agents and a confidential informant who might have blurred the line.

On Christmas Day, defense attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the case against the five men accused of trying to kidnap the governor. They claimed the FBI and informants created a false report using discontent with Whitmer’s draconian COVID-19 restrictions and turning it into a prosecutable crime.

The defense says the case rests on whether five men were extremists or if the FBI concocted a plan to frame them. The attorneys noted without the FBI’s financial assistance and support, there wouldn’t have been a plot against the governor.

Additionally, the defense submitted 258 out-of-court statements revealing the men didn’t believe it was a good idea to kidnap the governor and that the FBI directed the plot. The FBI fired the lead agent on the case after police arrested him for domestic abuse.

A second FBI agent involved won’t testify as he was accused of perjury in another case. And still, the credibility of a third agent was questioned after he used the Whitmer kidnapping allegation to promote his side security consulting business.

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