FBI Finds Residue On Hunter Biden’s Gun

Photo by Tom Def on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – Court documents have shown that federal prosecutors discovered drug residue on a gun that Hunter Biden had bought and owned during the time he was addicted to substances.

The U.S. attorney for Delaware, who acts as special counsel in this case has argued that there is overwhelming evidence to back the charges that Biden had unlawfully purchased and owned a firearm in 2018 while being addicted to substances. Tuesday’s court filing is the first time that Weiss’ team has revealed that federal investigators had discovered a powdery white substance in Biden’s gun case when it had been sealed in an evidence bag.

The attorneys pointed out that an FBI chemist had determined the substance to be drugs.

The Washington Examiner reported that prosecutors had found drugs in the same pouch in which Hunter Biden had been storing his gun.

Prosecutors have noted that Federal investigators had been able to obtain access to Hunter Biden’s Apple iCloud account in 2019 and then to his laptop. The data they had recovered included photos of substances, messages about dealing drugs, and a statement by Hunter Biden that he had smoked crack only two days after he had made the illegal gun purchase.

Following Hunter Biden’s attorney’s attempt to dismiss the case, four separate court filings included notes on how Weiss’ team had claimed that the argument was “meritless.” Additionally, they noted that there were passages in his book where Hunter Biden had admitted to using drugs excessively in 2018.

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