FBI Insider Goes After Tucker Carlson

FBI Insider Goes After Tucker Carlson

FBI Ally TARGETS Tucker Carlson – It’s Real

(TheRedWire.com) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson frequently offers different insights into current issues than other mainstream pundits. Recently, Carlson questioned if the US should audit Ukraine before sending massive amounts of aid and military hardware worth billions of dollars to help the war-torn country defend itself from Russia. That suggestion didn’t sit well with some people. Yet, there’s no question that Ukraine has struggled with corruption, and there are even questions about whether President Joe Biden profited from his son’s participation on a Ukrainian energy company’s board while he served as vice president to Barack Obama.

Despite Carlson’s concerns, former FBI assistant director for counterintelligence Frank Figliuzzi recently scolded the Fox News host for allegedly promoting a pro-Russian talking point. Appearing on Really American PAC’s Talking Head show, Figliuzzi took exception to Carlson’s viewpoint and said it went way beyond free speech.

Figliuzzi added that he served in the FBI and put his life at risk so that people like Tucker Carlson could exercise his free speech rights. Yet, the now regular contributor to MSNBC, CNN, and others, said Russian President Vladimir Putin was committing war crimes and insinuated that Carlson was aiding and abetting Putin’s terrorism.

The former FBI assistant director added that Russia uses Carlson’s talking points in state media. He alleged that free speech stops when a foreign adversary uses Americans’ viewpoints against the United States.

So, do you agree with Figliuzzi?

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