FBI “Secret Files” Could Be Subpoenaed


(TheRedWire.com) – The FBI has undergone significant scrutiny over the last six years. It started with the investigation into the Russian collusion narrative against former President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. On Friday, December 16, Twitter CEO Elon Musk released Twitter File 6. The information dump once again calls the federal law enforcement agency into question. One incoming House committee chairman said he would use subpoena power to get to the bottom of what happened.

Independent journalist Matt Taibbi reported on the new batch of revelations. His report revealed FBI employees contacted Twitter employees to make them aware of accounts they believed violated the social media giant’s terms of service. On Sunday, December 18, incoming House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH) spoke with Fox News Business host Maria Bartiromo. He stated the new document release revealed the FBI and the big tech giant coordinated with one another.

Turned called the FBI’s behavior “constitutionally troubling.” The incoming chairman said his panel would “definitely” investigate the Justice Department and FBI. He stated the House’s January 6 select committee created a precedent that showed Congress has full access to executive branch documents to investigate as part of Congress’s oversight over the executive branch. He said Republicans would search for the operation’s mastermind who inhibited free speech without basing the actions on intelligence or bad foreign actors. Turner said Congress would use subpoena power to expose the FBI.

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