FDA Asked to Release Private COVID Data They’ve Been Hiding

FDA Asked to Release Private COVID Data They've Been Hiding

(TheRedWire.com) – In late February, The New York Times reported that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) collected mass data related to COVID-19. It gathered information on hospitalizations related to age, race, and vaccination status for over a year. Yet, it wasn’t making the information public.

Some believe that the CDC withheld the data to protect the reputation of COVID vaccines. The FDA has already received criticism for not releasing current and future safety data regarding vaccines and therapeutics. On April 11, Rep. Bill Posey (R-FL) wrote that the information behind the FDA firewall was appalling. He and nine other GOP House members are calling on the FDA to release the data.

Republicans Call on FDA to Release Data

In a strongly worded letter to the FDA, Posey wrote that the Biden administration continues to push for mandates and said the law shields vaccine manufacturers from liability. Yet, the most important thing to health professionals, patients, and elected officials is ensuring that all readily available information is made public about COVID-19 vaccines. Without it, the public can’t evaluate the long-term consequences to their health or the response to the pandemic.

The nine Republican House members that joined Posey demanded that the FDA immediately release the safety and efficacy data on file and new data gleaned within 14 days of the FDA receiving it for COVID vaccines granted FDA emergency use authorizations (EUA) and full approvals.

The FDA Dismisses the Request

The FDA told Just News it would respond directly to the Congressman and refused to answer any questions from the news company. A spokesman for Posey said the FDA responded poorly to previous letters from the congressman’s office.

For most of 2021, public health officials and President Joe Biden expressed frustration that Americans weren’t getting vaccinated in large enough numbers to create a national protective barrier against COVID-19. Many people wanted to evaluate the vaccine’s side effects before receiving the shots, or else they wouldn’t trust that the vaccines would protect their health.

On Monday, April 10, Harvard medical professor and epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff wrote that the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System didn’t have basic information to help determine if a COVID vaccine was responsible for any side effects. He added that the CDC and FDA created confusion and lacked clarity on the situation. He said that the government has the data and information to inform people about the risks and safety of COVID vaccines. Still, they refuse to release the information to the public.

So, are the CDC and FDA hiding something?

Stay tuned.

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