Federal Judge Knocks Down Major Biden Rule

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – On Wednesday a federal judge in Florida ruled that the Biden administration’s usage of parole to mass release migrants into the country was unlawful. He further alleged that the administration’s decision was making the border a “meaningless line in the sand.”

Judge T. Kent Wetherell sided with the State of Florida in their lawsuit that the administration’s mass release of migrants through humanitarian parole into Alternatives to Detention also called “Parole + ATD” is against the law. In his opinion on Wednesday, Wetherall stated that the Biden administration’s decisions had turned the border into “a meaningless line in the sand” and that it was now only a “speed bump” for migrants entering the country. He further ruled that the policies of the Biden administration, including the catch-and-release policies, had led to the border crisis worsening and the border’s degradation. This has also resulted in the border’s ability to block illegal migrants dwindling.

Following the ruling, Republican Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody in a statement noted that President Biden was clearly responsible for the border crisis through their “unlawful immigration policies” which had led to the country being less safe and secure.

The administration has increased the use of parole in order to release migrants into the interior of the country. These policies are also meant to ease the pressure on the border at a time of a historic influx of migrants entering the country.

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