Fire Department Losing $21,000 Per Day Over Illegals

Photo by Tomas Eidsvold on Unsplash

( – Eagle Pass Fire Department Chief Manuel Mello recently told Fox News that every hour, a first responder from the fire department had to arrive at the Customs and Border Protection (CPB) holding office or the Rio Grande to respond to migrant-related calls. The cost of these calls is around $21,000 each day for the city.

Mello noted that since around mid-September, they have had to respond to an average of 45 EMS calls each day, and even before that, the calls could be as many as 30 on a busy day. The response for each of these calls costs the department around $700, bringing the total average cost per day to around $21,000.

As he pointed out, the calls could require them to deal with cases of minor cuts or bruises or could require more intense responses in cases of heart attacks, hypothermia, childbirth, or broken bones. As part of their response, the department’s first responders will often need to transport the patients, all migrants, to a hospital.

He further pointed out that due to the situation, the hospital in the area also frequently gets overwhelmed, which results in them needing to wait for 20 minutes to half an hour before a patient can be transported from the ambulance to the hospital. As he pointed out, the area only has one hospital right now.

Earlier this month, there was a new record number of encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border, with more than 10,000 migrants being held in CBP facilities.

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