Firefighters Union Says Mandates Will Get People Killed

Firefighters Union Says Mandates Will Get People Killed

( – On Thursday, October 28, a New York state judge denied a request by the New York City police union to temporarily suspend Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate. On Monday, November 1, all unvaccinated city employees will lose their jobs if they are not vaccinated. FDNY Firefighter Association President Andrew Ansbro said firefighters are insulted after they were good enough to work through the worst parts of the pandemic but could lose their careers over a vaccination mandate.

Ansbro warned that if de Blasio follows through on the terminations, chaos will ensue in the city as it fails to protect its citizens. The firefighter’s union head said nearly 45% of NYC firefighters remain unvaccinated, and 30% to 40% of firehouses could close. Ansbro added response times would significantly suffer, resulting in longer burning fires, people with heart attacks waiting longer for ambulances and people could get stuck in elevators for hours or even days.

If the chaos ensues as expected, the union head said the blame is one person alone, Mayor de Blasio.

The fire department isn’t the only one affected by the vaccination mandate. The police department could also lose several people to non-compliance. On Thursday, the police union lost a case in state court as they challenged the Mayor’s mandate in court. Police union head Patrick Lynch told the city to expect significantly fewer police on the streets and not to blame them for a rise in crime. Lynch said the public knows where to look, and that’s at the Mayor.

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