Florida Dem Hit With DEVASTATING Blow – Former Allies Flip

DeSantis Endorsed in Open Letter From Opponent's Former Colleagues

DeSantis Endorsed in Open Letter From Opponent’s Former Colleagues

(TheRedWire.com) – For decades, Florida was a perennial swing state in presidential elections. Over the last year, the Sunshine State has broken hard for Republicans. In 2018, Democrats held a 264,000 voter surplus, but by November 2021, the GOP flipped it to a 6,035 active voter registration advantage. In less than a year, it ballooned to 305,590.

Recent polls show that by double digits, Gov. Ron DeSantis could win re-election over his Democratic opponent, former Republican Gov. Charlie Crist. On Tuesday, October 25, numerous past elected state officials and previous staffers who supported Crist endorsed DeSantis in an open letter. It could potentially spell even more doom for the Republican-flipped Democrat in Florida.

Former Crist Colleagues and Staffers Endorse DeSantis

From 2007 to 2011, Crist served as a mainstream Republican governor. In 2010, he took on Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) in a GOP primary, where the incumbent Senator came out on top. After losing the race, Crist immediately registered as an Independent in the general election and once again found himself on the losing side. In December 2012, he registered as a Democrat and endorsed then-President Barack Obama for re-election.

In the open letter signed by many of Crist’s previously elected colleagues and staffers, they endorsed DeSantis. They said the choice was clear and unanimously supported the sitting governor. They said he delivered for voters and led with conviction and courage while leading through difficult times.

Among the 36 who signed the letter were:

  • Former Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp, who also ran with Crist in 2006.
  • Former State Attorney General Bill McCollum, elected in 2006.
  • Former State Senate President Ken Pruitt, who began serving in that capacity in 2006.
  • Former Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Commissioner Charles Bronson.

Polls Show DeSantis Winning A Potential Landslide

In 2018, then-GOP gubernatorial candidate DeSantis defeated Democratic challenger Andrew Gillum by only 32,436 votes. Polls show the state’s top GOP leader has widened his appeal significantly as voters shifted red over the last few years.

According to the RealClearPolitics poll of averages, DeSantis is leading by 11.2 points. An early October Florida Atlantic University poll showed voters gave him an 11-point advantage over Crist. His favorable rating was 56% compared to a 38% unfavorable one. Crist was 41% favorable and 47% unfavorable.

In a Data for Progress poll conducted from October 19 through October 23, the Republican held a 12-point advantage.

So, will the open letter help DeSantis expand his lead and affirm to Democrats that Florida is no longer a purple state?

Stay tuned.

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