Florida Passes Controversial Homeless Bill

Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash

(TheRedWire.com) – On Friday, the Florida House passed H.B. 1365, a bill that would ban homeless people from sleeping in public and would require the local governments to provide funding for homeless camps. 

The bill was passed by the Republican-controlled House in an 82-26 vote, and the legislation already had the support of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis who has argued that it will be an effective way of combating homelessness and ensuring the streets of Florida remain clean. 

Last week, DeSantis argued that they would not allow Florida to become like San Francisco where there were homeless people everywhere. The bill would also give business owners and residents more ground to challenge the way that homelessness was addressed by local officials. 

On Monday, the Florida Senate is expected to take on a similar proposal. 

House sponsor Sam Garrison, R, has admitted that this measure was not going to put an end to homelessness. However, he argued that the initiatives that were currently in place were not working. He added that this bill was not designed in a way that would just push people out of sight and that in fact the opposite would happen. 

Garrison proceeded to argue that the goal was to ensure that cities in Florida would not end up like other U.S. cities such as San Francisco when it comes to handling the immigration crisis. As he pointed out, the current status quo was unacceptable. 

As of 2022, Florida has the third-highest homeless population in the United States with almost 26,000 people being homeless. 

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