Former Congressman Accuses DOJ of Collecting Data for Potential Blackmail

Former Congressman Accuses DOJ of Collecting Data for Potential Blackmail

( – In the wake of the Trump/Russian collusion scandal, Republican members of Congress moved to investigate the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI’s role in the controversy. According to Google, they have a policy that alerts their users five years after law enforcement issues a subpoena for their data on the platform. On Monday, December 19, former House Intelligence Committee Chairman and retired Rep. David Nunes (R-CA) accused the DOJ of collecting secret information to blackmail him.

In 2017, the DOJ subpoenaed Google, demanding the Big Tech company turn over the email and phone data of two or more Intelligence Committee lawyers who worked for Nunes. The action came as the FBI investigated supposed Trump campaign collusion in 2016 with Russia, alleged in the Steele dossier. At the time, Nunes was fighting with the federal agency to acquire records pertinent to the inquiry.

The former Congressman stated the law enforcement agency was likely spying on numerous staff members. Legal experts said the subpoena raised vital questions about the separation of powers and the executive branch investigating the investigators.

Nunes added that while investigating them for illegal spying, the FBI got a grand jury to issue a subpoena to target him. He said they apparently wanted to know what he knew, how he knew it, and what he would do with the information. The retired congressman added they were potentially seeking the knowledge to blackmail him so he would back off from his investigation.

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