Former Fox News Co-Host Dies Suddenly

Former Fox News Co-Host Dies Suddenly

( – Every now and again, a partisan can break through to enjoy relationships with people on the other side of the political aisle. That was the case with Bob Beckel, who suddenly died at 73 years old on February 21.

Beckel started his political career in 1977, serving as the youngest deputy assistant Secretary of State for the Carter administration. He advanced to serve as the campaign manager for Walter Mondale’s failed presidential campaign against George H.W. Bush. For several years after, Beckel worked as a liberal political analyst and television show pundit.

In 2011, Beckel appeared as a featured contributor on Fox News’s newest show, “The Five.” It became one of the top shows on all of cable news. In 2017, Fox News severed ties with Beckel over personal issues.

Leading conservative voice Sean Hannity called the former Five host a dear friend and said the two got along exceptionally well despite their political differences. They were so close, Hannity said Beckel had a key to his home, and his children called him Uncle Bob.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham noted Beckel was an old-school liberal who anyone could fight with, but afterward, he would be laughing, playing, and having a good time.

In 2015, Beckel often spoke publicly about his long struggle with substance abuse. He wrote a memoir and said he was grateful to be alive because he shouldn’t be.

Beckel’s two children survive the longtime liberal political star.

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