Former Twitter CEO Says He Witnessed CNN Invent Fake News

Former Twitter CEO Says He Witnessed CNN Invent Fake News

( – Controversy regarding false news reporting has surrounded CNN for years. Former President Donald Trump frequently targeted the network, accusing it of publishing questionable information. Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently laid into CNN’s Brian Stelter on the issue of fake news. Stelter tweeted a link from the Washington Post about Tucker Carlson spreading falsehoods. The network talking head accused Carlson of “selling the same thing.”

Dorsey responded by asking if CNN was “selling hope.” He then replied to an Iraqi public figure’s tweet about CNN selling fake news in that country in 2019. From Miss Iraq Sarah Idan, the original tweet accused CNN of inventing the news to meet its own objectives in 2019:

Dorsey responded with his own experiences on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, during the riots of 2014. According to the former Twitter exec, CNN crews tried riling up the crowds so they could film the unrest. He claims the protesters recognized their attempts to stir the pot, shouting “f*** CNN!”

Dorsey’s tweet met with some resistance from the Left. Some commenters accused him of supporting Tucker Carlson, to which he responded he wasn’t supporting anything but rather “holding up a mirror.”

Dorsey’s accusations may represent a substantial breach of trust by CNN. News organizations typically report on what they see. Objective observers might consider a network creating a situation to push a narrative for ratings as a serious lack of ethics.

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