Former Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi Dies After Bicycle Accident

Former Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi Dies After Bicycle Accident

( – Sometimes, those who speak and confront others less get more done. That’s one of the lasting legacies of former Sen. Mike Enzi (R-WY). On Monday, July 26, the former Senator passed peacefully with his family and friends beside him. On Friday, he was in an unfortunate bicycle accident that broke his neck and several ribs. He remained unconscious until slipping away. He was 77-years-old.

Enzi focussed on consensus-building throughout his 24 years in the US Senate. He coined the 80-20 rule of consensus. The former Senator wisely advised his colleagues to focus on the 80% of things they agreed on. The remaining 20%, he encouraged them to ignore.

Later in his career, as partisan politics became mainstream in Washington, DC, the former Senator became a silent influencer of legislation important to him. He played a significant role in reshaping the No Child Left Behind law and sought ways to encourage new business innovations.

In his farewell address to the Senate in 2020, Enzi said nothing gets done if all the politicians tell each other they are wrong all the time.

Before serving in the Senate, Enzi served as mayor of Gillette and in both the Wyoming State House and Senate. His political career began at age 30 with his election as mayor.

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