Forrester Goes Public With 2021 Cybersecurity Predictions

Forrester Goes Public With 2021 Cybersecurity Predictions

( – Many companies are wondering what the new year will bring. A major adjustment into what many are referring to as the new normal will be imminent. Cybersecurity and data privacy will and should be vastly impacted. Forrester has looked into these issues and made its predictions.

Privacy Predictions

Legal and regulatory actions concerning employee privacy are expected to increase by 100%. This rise stems from associations that utilize the data they receive from consumers and employees alike. With respect to employees, companies will now need to specify individual requirements, take into consideration defined privacy and ethical contingencies, and communicate their new approach openly and honestly.

When it comes to customer data, at least 25% of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are looking to replace third-party cookies with preference management. This would be a zero-party data collection that would improve data insights and overall customer experience. Marketing teams would manage consent. Options would include opting out, don’t sell and customers’ preference.

Data Protection Matters

Many companies currently store data in the UK. The UK will become a “third country” regarding data compliance beginning in January of 2021. As a consequence of BREXIT, the UK is no longer compliant with EU data security requirements. Organizations with data in the UK will need to move their data to an EU compliant location or enact standard contract clauses(CSS). These companies should focus on how well UK data protection requirements comply with EU standards, discover how a poor decision might affect data transfers amid their specific data environments, and formulate their proposed plan of action, including a contingency plan to move data farms.

More Data Breaches

COVID-19 caused a major shopping shift in 2020 as more people shopped online. Looking forward to 2021, we might expect more brands to sell directly to consumers via electronic channels. While this might, on the one hand, be good for the consumer, the drawback is that companies creating more consumer shopping applications will also generate more data breaches. As a result, these organizations will need to take an in-depth look at product security and search for breach and attack simulation tools to ensure data safety.

The new normal in 2021 may not be flying cars and jet pack journeys just yet. But one thing’s for sure, evolving international relations, personal data collection and cybersecurity have definitely reached new levels.

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