Fox News Host Predicts Water Will Be Laced To Pacify Americans

Fox News Host Predicts Water Will Be Laced To Pacify Americans

Fox News Host Predicts POISONING – “It’s Coming”

( – Over the last year, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has talked repeatedly about the far-left utopia the Democratic Party tried but failed to pass legislatively. President Joe Biden succeeded in pushing through some measures using executive orders, but many of them contributed to massive gas price hikes and skyrocketing inflation. While Biden’s approval ratings sink to historic lows and Democrats face a potential shellacking in November, Carlson said that the government might take extreme measures (such as drugging the water supply) to calm Americans down.

Carlson contends that one of the issues driving dissatisfaction in America is low fertility rates. On Tuesday, June 28, the Fox News host said the more isolated and unhappy Americans become over their financial situations and lack of family relationships, the easier it will be for the government to control them. Carlson said the government might lace the water supply with antidepressants to appease people and get them to accept their childless fate.

The popular Fox News host added that it might not be long before Democrats attempt to pass legislation that gives people free cats to replace their families they are no longer having through birth. Carlson also noted that while the West Coast wealthy and illegal immigrants are having kids in healthy numbers, middle-class Americans can’t afford them. He added that the traditional American family is now out of reach for most Americans.

What do you think? Do you agree with Carlson’s assessment?

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