Fox News Readers Blast Nancy Pelosi

Fox News Readers Blast Nancy Pelosi

( – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) loves to lay the blame for failed Democratic policies at Donald Trump’s feet. She was at it again over the weekend, claiming the mounting border crisis resulted from a broken immigration system inherited by President Biden.

Fox News published an article about Pelosi’s claim on March 15, setting off a firestorm with several infuriated readers expressing their outrage in the article’s comments section.

Some readers expressed outright contempt, calling Pelosi a “disgrace” and a “liar.” Three main points emerged from the general theme:

  1. Trump fixed the crisis at the nation’s southern border. Everything was under control when he left office.
  2. Biden and administration officials are actively refusing to enforce current immigration laws.
  3. If the system is broken, it’s up to Congress to fix it and not the White House.

There’s no dispute over the existence of a crisis at the nation’s southern border. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently admitted as much, saying the border surge is the worst the government has seen in 20 years.

Perhaps Pelosi’s time would be better spent trying to come up with legislative solutions to the problem instead of playing the blame game.

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