Fox News’ Very Own Will Cain Says It’s Time to Fire Dr. Fauci

Fox News' Very Own Will Cain Says It's Time to Fire Dr. Fauci

( – Dr. Anthony Fauci was a hero in the early days of the pandemic, but after many missteps, some people are over him. There also appears to be a movement of people who want to see him removed from his position as the top White House medical adviser.

During a December 27 appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Dr. Fauci said he would support a mandate for COVID-19 vaccinations for domestic flyers. This statement didn’t sit well with Fox News’ Will Cain, who said this was another power trip by the doctor and suggested he should lose his job for even hinting at another vaccine mandate during a recent airing of Fox & Friends.

According to Cain, Fauci is “out of control.” The Fox News host also implored journalists who have contact with Fauci to suggest the doctor rein in his power-hungry moves and ask him if he has a limit when it comes to wielding his rules over people. Cain also said the data doesn’t support anything Fauci is saying, especially when it comes to the weaker Omicron variant.

During the segment, his co-hosts said Fauci’s suggestion of a mandate is another overreach. Even the doctor admitted the only reason for the move would be to force them to get vaccinated. Still, the hosts cautioned more mandates are likely as long as Democrats hold all the power in the federal government.

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