Fox Weather to Start Pushing Climate Change

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( – Fox News launched a new, free weather channel on Monday, October 25, to compete with The Weather Channel and Accuweather. For decades, the Conservative-leaning news outfit expressed skepticism regarding human-induced climate change. According to several news outlets, the new all-weather channel might strongly embrace climate change in its reporting.

According to several meteorologists hired by the new network, Fox Weather will focus more on climate science. Does that mean Fox Weather is abandoning Fox News’s previous views regarding climate change? It depends on how they cover the stories. Will they simply acknowledge climate change trends, or will they go all out and blame significant weather events on man-made climate change?

The meteorologists say they will be covering climate change to help people live with the weather and how it impacts their daily lives. They also say they intend to cover stories to help people learn more about the weather and the broader climate.

Both on the Left and the Right, there seems to be a consensus that the new free weather channel may abandon some or all of the Fox News climate views over the last few decades. If it does, will it alienate core viewers and advertisers who don’t agree?

To repeat an old Fox News tagline, they’ll report, and you’ll decide.

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