Fundraiser Forces Teachers to Perform a Controversial Act

Fundraiser Forces Teacher to Perform a Controversial Act

( – Funding for schools is a hot topic, with many people feeling not enough money goes to these institutions. When teachers lack the money they need, it sometimes takes creative thinking to find ways to earn it. Fundraisers are a popular option, but one event in South Dakota has some people up in arms.

On December 11, during a junior hockey league game, 10 teachers from the Sioux Falls area entered a competition where they had to crawl around and collect as much cash as possible. The event was held on a carpet on the ice so the Sioux Falls Stampede’s arena crowd could watch and cheer on their favorite teacher.

Some felt that making teachers crawl around on their hands and knees to gather up whatever they could from the pot of 5,000 $1 bills was demeaning and criticized the fundraiser organizers.

President of the South Dakota Education Association Loren Paul said the event was eye-opening and sad. It was a wake-up call, according to Paul. He indicated that teachers in the state need more financial support, and people need to do a better job of providing it for them. Paul said educators shouldn’t have to lower themselves to this type of spectacle just to get the money they need for their classrooms.

After the criticism, CU Mortgage Direct and the Sioux Falls Stampede apologized for the event. They said that although the intent was good, they realized it came across as insulting. The groups also pledged an additional $15,500 to help area educators.

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