George W. Bush Is Now Teaching a Masterclass Course

George W. Bush Is Now Teaching a Masterclass Course

George W. Bush Announces NEW ROLE – He’s Back!

( – Whenever a president leaves office, they have numerous options available to them, though they’ll never work again in the traditional sense. It isn’t easy to do when Secret Service agents follow them. Jimmy Carter spent the better part of his time away from the government helping build homes for Habitat for Humanity. Now, former President George W. Bush is embarking on a new journey. He’s going to share his experiences regarding leadership in a Masterclass course.

Through the seminar, the 43rd President will provide students with his perspective on “Authentic Leadership.” It is part of the MasterClass Presents the White House” series that also includes former Commander in Chief Bill Clinton. Bush covers numerous topics, such as

  • Accountability Leads to Results
  • Own Your Communication Style
  • Crisis Management

Bush shares the lessons he learned during his eight years in the White House. He describes how he led America through the 9/11 crisis and other significant events during his time in office. Of interest to some students, Bush shares his views on his verbal gaffes and the importance of the audience not believing he felt he was above them but alongside them so they could relax.

Regarding leadership, Bush talked about the uncertainty of decision-making and doing so when information wasn’t available to the public. He said the process frequently requires making decisions based on what you know, even when others criticize because they don’t have your data.

The entire lecture series and others are available on the Masterclass website.

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