Georgia Gov. Kemp Set to Testify in Trump’s Fulton County Trial

Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash

( – Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp stated that he expects he will be one of the witnesses in former President Donald Trump’s criminal trial in Fulton County. However, he also predicted that the trial would unlikely occur before the presidential election.

Earlier this year, Kemp was called in to provide his testimony to a Fulton County particular purpose grand jury; however, he never disclosed what he talked about during that testimony. Allegedly, Trump had called Kemp a few days after the election results were announced; however, it is unclear what this phone call was about.

While speaking to a friendly audience with talk radio host Erick Erickson, Kemp stated that he could not speak about the indictment as the special grand jury had subpoenaed him.  He added, however, that he was sure he would be a witness in this case.

Kemp once again reiterated that the election in his state had not been stolen as President Donald Trump has repeatedly stated in the past three years. This position is also likely why Fani Willis, the District Attorney for Fulton County, will call on him as a witness in the trial. However, this could put the governor in a weird spot as he cannot talk about the trial at all.

However, Kemp did speculate that following these indictments, it is unlikely that the trial will take place before the presidential election.
Willis has requested that the trial start in March 2024.

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