Georgia Grand Jurors in Trump Case Face Threats and Racism

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – Georgia law requires the names of the grand jurors, in any case, to be listed publicly within the indictment. Earlier this week, a grand jury in the state voted to indict former President Donald Trump and 18 of his associates in connection to their attempts to change the state’s presidential election results.

A review of far-right forums and different social media platforms has shown that following that decision, the grand jurors who made the decision have been dealing with online racist comments and threats. The juror’s addresses have also been made public.

One of the users in a far-right forum claimed that all of the jurors, in this case, needed to be hanged. In a different forum, all 23 addresses for the grand jurors responsible for the indictment were fully posted.

A user on Truth Social also posted on the platform that the addresses of the grand jurors were available online and that they anticipated they would receive a “swift bullet to the head” if someone opted to visit their address.

NBC News was the first to report on the threats. A Fulton County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson noted that they were aware of the threats against the grand jury members and that law enforcement areas were cooperating to determine the origins of these threats. They further pointed out that this was something they were taking seriously and that local, state, and federal authorities were working to respond to threats and ensure that the grand jury members were kept safe.

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