Ghislaine Maxwell’s Family Says She’s in Danger

Ghislaine Maxwell's Family Says She's in Danger

( – Wherever the Jeffery Epstein story goes, death seems sure to follow. In August 2019, the convicted child molester and sexual trafficker died under questionable circumstances while housed in a high-security correctional facility in Manhattan. While the official cause of death was suicide by hanging, conspiracy theorists questioned the official report.

Now, French authorities have found an Epstein confidant dead in a Paris prison cell. On Saturday, February 19, prison officials found Jean-Luc Brunel hanging by bedsheets in his cell. Officials say there was no breach in security, and they were launching an investigation into his death. He was awaiting trial for allegedly acquiring young girls for Epstein. In December, a jury convicted Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s former girlfriend and close partner in crime for sex trafficking. Supposedly, the former socialite introduced Brunel to Epstein.

Now, Maxwell’s family says they fear for her life after another high-profile hanging occurred in a high-security prison. Federal authorities are housing Ghislaine at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Ian Maxwell, the socialite’s brother, said despite claims by prison authorities to the contrary, his sister is not a suicide risk. He said the prison regularly violates her human rights. With another person from Epstein’s orbit dead, he worries his sister could be next.

What do you think? Is there good cause for Maxwell’s family’s concern?

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