Ghost Guns Included in Biden’s New Gun Control Measures

( – President Biden announced new gun control measures before the media and some Democratic Congress members in a Rose Garden speech on Thursday, April 8. Biden prefaced the announcement of his gun control executive orders by saying nothing he was proposing infringes on the 2nd Amendment. The president added it wasn’t just a gun crisis but also a public health crisis. One of the directed actions targets the availability of “ghost guns.”

Biden ordered the Department of Justice (DOJ) to issue a proposed rule within 60 days to prohibit ghost guns. Kits contain the parts and directions needed to make an unlicensed, non-serial numbered ghost gun within 30 minutes. The White House says these untraceable guns are being used more and more in crimes across America.

Biden stated he’s willing to work with anyone interested in reducing violent crimes involving a firearm. However, the prospects of passing gun control legislation are slim to none in an evenly divided Senate where at least 10 Republicans would need to join Democrats to pass a gun reform bill.

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