Gingrich Urges RNC to Halt Remaining GOP Debates

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich on Thursday argued that the Republican National Committee needed to cancel the Republican primary debates as it is clear that former President Donald Trump, who is leading the race, is going to become the party’s nominee.

The comments were made after Wednesday’s second primary presidential debate. As he stated, he concurred with the evaluation made by one Republican pollster that the primary presidential race was over.

In an interview, Gingrich stated that the pollster had told him that the race was over and that Donald Trump would be the presidential nominee. He added that the RNC would cancel the remaining debates since they would not help anyone or work. As he pointed out, it was clear that Trump would be the presidential nominee. Right now, the question was whether people wanted to see Joe Biden reelected or if they would instead prefer to assist former President Donald Trump.

The second presidential debate had worse ratings than the first one and is said to have had the smallest TV viewership for a Republican presidential debate since Trump’s initial showing in 2015. Gingrich claimed that the RNC needed to cancel all of the upcoming Republican debates and instead organize because Trump would be the party’s nominee.

The next presidential debate will take place in Miami on November 8. Trump reportedly plans to skip the third presidential debate, much like he did with the previous two.

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