Giuliani FBI Raid May Be Political Retaliation

Giuliani FBI Raid May Be Political Retaliation

( – In an unusual move last week, FBI agents raided the offices and apartment of Rudy Giuliani, who worked as former President Donald Trump’s head lawyer during the latter part of his presidency. The agents seized several electronic devices, including the computer of one of Giuliani’s assistants.

Liberal media and politicians have triumphantly proclaimed this as a definite sign of criminal wrongdoing on the part of Donald Trump and his team. However, outside the left-wing hive mind, not everyone is so sure.

On Thursday, May 6, the Epoch Times published a piece about the raid, which included a quote from Patrick Basham, the think tank director of the Democracy Institute. Basham reckons the raid on Giuliani was an act of “political retaliation” against Giuliani and Donald Trump.

Basham pointed out the various times the government has used the FBI as a political weapon in the past. He also denounced inaccurate media coverage around Giuliani’s interactions with law enforcement, criticizing mainstream outlets for failing to “check their sources [and] drill down to the details.”

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