Gold Star Mom Confronts Biden

Gold Star Mom Confronts Biden

( – During the 2020 general election, then-Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden portrayed himself as a sympathetic and caring individual. Maintaining that image has been a struggle for him during the first eight months of his presidency. The botched withdrawal from Afghanistan exposed even more flaws in recent days.

On Thursday, August 26, thirteen US service members died in a suicide bombing attack near the Abbey Gate of the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan during Biden’s civilian evacuation and military withdrawal. Immediately, thirteen new Gold Star families came into existence, joining thousands of others since the beginning of the war on terror in 2001.

After an infuriating confrontation with Biden on Sunday, August 29, Gold Star Mom Shana Chappell took to Facebook to tell her story publicly. What she said should disturb every American.

Did Biden Dismiss a Gold Star Mom?

On Sunday, Chappell joined President Biden and the other new Gold Star families as her son, Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kareem M. Nikoui returned to Dover Air Force Base in a casket. In a private meeting, the president incensed the grieving mother.

On Monday, Chappell posted about the meeting on Facebook. She told Biden he was responsible for her son’s death. As reported by several other families, the president tried to identify with the Gold Star mom by telling her he understood her pain after going through heartbreak over his son’s death in 2016. Chappell informed the president he couldn’t possibly know how she felt.

According to Chappell, the president rolled his eyes at her as if to express annoyance. When the soldier’s mother repeated she would never see, hug, kiss, or laugh with him again because of Biden’s actions, the Commander in Chief allegedly turned around, put his hands up in the air to dismiss her claims, and walked away.

Chappell added that all thirteen of the soldiers’ blood is on Biden’s hands.

Why is Biden Using His Son’s Death?

When grieving, the last thing families want to hear is someone else’s story, especially when it’s not relatable. Beau Biden served in the US Army and achieved the rank of Major, serving as an attorney in the JAG Corps. He served in Iraq in 2008 and 2009, during which time he earned a Bronze Star Medal for his service. In 2013, Beau was diagnosed with brain cancer. Two years later, he succumbed to the illness.

While Joe Biden suspects his son’s cancer was related to his military service, there’s no way to know for sure. However, one thing is clear. Beau’s cause of death was not the same as the thirteen soldiers who died in Afghanistan. The circumstances and sudden loss to violence are not the same, even though any death is tragic.

Other Families Share Chappell’s Sentiments

On Sunday, Chappell was not alone in her sentiments. Wife of fallen Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Rylee McCollum said Biden brought up his family’s experience with her. It didn’t satisfy her, and she told the president that blood is on his hands. Gold Star fathers — Mark Schmitz and Darin Hoover — were distraught as Biden regularly checked his watch. They said they wanted nothing to do with the president.

While the Gold Star families grieve, one would think the President of the United States would be more attentive to their emotions. The Commander in Chief, the man charged with the responsibility for deciding the fates of America’s military men and women globally, turned what should have been a special and honorable moment into a sour experience.

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