GOP Attorney General Forced To Pay Millions

Photo by Pete Alexopoulos on Unsplash

( – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton following a preliminary lawsuit settlement filed on Friday agreed to apologize and pay $3.3 million in taxpayer money to the four former staffers who had previously brought forth accusations of corruption against him in 2020.

While Paxton has not admitted to any wrongdoings in relation to the bribery and abuse of office accusations, he did commit to giving a public apology to his former advisers. The four staffers have been forced out of their positions after they reported him to the FBI, which ultimately led to the investigation against the three-term Republican.

Following the accusations, Paxton had referred to them as “rogue employees” over the accusations that he had been misusing his office in order to aid a campaign contributor. According to the reports one of the women employed by the campaign contributor was also having an extramarital affair with the attorney general, which Paxton has verified.

The two sides had signed a mediated agreement which was filed in the Texas Supreme Court, this ultimately was followed by a formalized settlement. In the final statement, it stated that Paxton acknowledges the plaintiffs acted in a manner they thought most appropriate as well as concedes to apologize to them for calling them “rogue employees.”

Paxton has claimed that the $3.3 million payout which will be taken from state funds, will help ensure his term is “unburdened by unnecessary distractions.”



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