GOP Could Win in 2022 Running on Just the Economy

GOP Could Win in 2022 Running on Just the Economy

( – In November’s gubernatorial election in Virginia, the media was surprised to learn the number one issue for voters as the governor’s mansion, lieutenant governor, and the statehouse flipped red. For months, the leading issue in the news coming out of Virginia was education and Critical Race Theory. Surprisingly, voters told exit pollsters their top concern was the economy. That’s been the leading issue for voters nationwide in recent polls. So, could Republicans win back Congress on that issue alone?

According to the Winston Group/Winning the Issues national survey, the GOP leads Democrats 46% to 44% in a generic congressional ballot. Yet, looking at the poll’s details, some staggering information stands out.

On key economic issues, Republicans hold a sizable advantage over Democrats.

  • On the broad economy, 48% said they were more confident in Republicans with only 38% saying the same for Democrats
  • 50% said the economy was on the wrong track compared to 38% who felt it was on the right track.
  • 49% disapproved of Biden’s handling of the economy compared to 44% who approved.
  • 51% disapprove of Biden’s handling of inflation, and 37% approved.
  • 45% said they prefer Republicans over Democrats regarding tax policies.

The poll said the top issue for voters was the economy at 27%, followed by healthcare at 11% and immigration at 8%. Regarding lowering gasoline prices, voters gave the nod to Republicans over Democrats 45% to 36%.

If those numbers hold up until election day this November, Republicans might not need to talk about anything other than the economy to take back the House and the Senate. In the weeks and months to come, much could happen in the economy to influence elections.

Stay tuned.

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