GOP Election Worker Arrested for Not Wearing a Mask

GOP Election Worker Arrested for Not Wearing a Mask

GOP Election Worker ARRESTED – You Won’t Believe Why

( – Although COVID masks are virtually eliminated in most places in America, the City of Detroit Department of Elections decided those training as election workers needed to wear a face covering and provide a negative COVID test. On Wednesday, June 15, police arrested an unnamed GOP elections trainee for refusing to wear his mask.

Two officers on-site, neither wearing a mask, questioned the worker as to why he wasn’t wearing a face covering. The worker chose not to answer the question, which resulted in an argument between the two parties. The Detroit officers explained to the election trainee that he was on private property, which may be questionable as it was a government-run operation. Nonetheless, they said the city could create health policies, and the worker must follow the rules – if not, he’s trespassing, and he could go to jail.

The trainee told the officers he wouldn’t wear a mask and as a result, the police informed him that he could either walk out on his own, or be arrested. Moments later, they placed the handcuffs on his wrists and escorted the man out of the building. According to Fox Metro News, the city said there are no mask mandates in effect by the company that owns the training facility.

It appears there are more questions than answers in this case.

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