GOP Governor Refuses To Let Neighborhood Secede From City

Photo by Joey Kyber on Unsplash

( – Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp dealt an attack on the wealthy suburban Buckhead neighborhood which is looking to leave the city of Atlanta because of the violent crimes in the area.

The issue is set to be discussed during the state legislature on Thursday.

On Tuesday night, Kemp’s executive counsel David Dove outlined a two-page memo that was sent out with questions regarding Senate Bills 113 and 114. Both bills passed a Senate committee on Monday. This is the first time that secession legislation has advanced to the Georgia General Assembly.

Dove further demanded that the governor’s Senate floor leaders, Bo Hatchett and Mike Hodges, look through the proposal, citing “constitutional and statutory challenges” which could potentially have an effect on the governance of Georgia’s municipalities.

Republican Georgia Lt. Gov. Burt Jones, among others, is one of the supporters of secession, stating that Atlanta is not doing enough in order to deal with crime and that Buckhead residents have not been receiving their municipal services that would legitimize the amount they pay on taxes.

If successful, the voters could decide to create a new city in a referendum.

In the questions outlined, Dova also asks whether it would be legal to have a portion of Atlanta’s bond debt be assigned to the new cities, and suggested that secession could lead to Atlanta and other cities being unable to fulfill their debts. He added that the plan could also have a big effect on Georgia cities having the ability to borrow money.


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