GOP Planning Foreign Intervention Pullout Across the Globe

GOP Planning Foreign Intervention Pullout Across the Globe

GOP Plots PULLOUT – Sudden Plan Reported

( – Not long ago, the Republican Party was a stalwart supporter of conducting wide-ranging foreign affairs. That was before Donald Trump came along and exposed how America was helping other nations through its generosity and trade at the expense of the country and its workers. It appears that the GOP is ready to pull back on foreign interventions. On Monday, May 23, Axios reported that Republican lawmakers were preparing policy changes to support Ukraine, Europe, and the Middle East as they expectantly prepare to take the reins of Congress after the November elections.

Axios also reported that a group of conservative thinkers recently huddled with Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) to create what they deemed a realistic foreign policy agenda. A source with knowledge of the meeting said the group discussed Ukraine and pulling back US financial support for deeper military engagement in Europe, the Middle East, and places like Somalia.

Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts said they plan to align with former President Donald Trump’s view that America should have a strong conservative and libertarian consensus on a more constrained yet robust foreign policy.

Republican leaders say the group’s influence is currently minimal and represents a small majority. That could change if think tank PACs and Trump get behind enough candidates who win elections and steer America’s foreign policy in a different direction.

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