GOP Takes Long-Held Democrat Congressional Seat

GOP Takes Long-Held Democrat Congressional Seat

( – It’s been a month since the 2022 midterm elections. Two races remained outstanding for the House of Representatives. California’s 13th Congressional District finally declared a winner on Friday, December 2, when Democratic candidate Adam Gray conceded to GOP candidate John Duarte. Longtime Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) had held the seat but redistricting pushed her to the 12th District.

In his concession speech, Gray stated the race was one of the most contested seats in the country. He noted that 130,000 voters cast a ballot, and the final tally would separate the two candidates by a few hundred votes. For Duarte to win, either a sizable number of Democrats didn’t vote, or they crossed over to cast a ballot for the Republican. The new district has a 14-point advantage for Democrats.

Duarte said he promised voters he would be a “bipartisan champion” by fighting for things that matter to his constituents. Among the issues he cited were food and gas prices and water for farms.

The Republican victor is a farmer who raises grapes, almonds, and pistachios. He stated he would vote to suspend the federal gas tax and work to cut food and fuel prices. He also blamed California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) for bad policies that forced a record number of people and businesses to leave the state.

The GOP now has a 221 to 213 seat House advantage. One race in Colorado is undergoing a recount and is the last one that remains outstanding.

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