GOP Unveils New Plan To Lockdown Border

Photo by Greg Bulla on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, Texas Governor Abbott (Republican) announced the installation of “marine floating barriers” that will be used to discourage illegal migrants from crossing along the Rio Grande River.

During a press conference, Abbott noted that these water-based barriers, called buoys, would be installed across the border to prevent people from crossing. He further noted that their installation would start “pretty much immediately.”

Texas Department of Public Safety director Steven McCraw stated that the first 1,000 feet will be deployed close to the Eagle Pass in an area considered to be “the center of gravity for smuggling.” During a press conference, he also explained that “webbing” would be installed beneath the buoys to block those trying to swim under to cross.

Abbott’s office, in a statement, further noted that the barriers were going to be strategically placed between ports of entry to make it harder for people to cross the Rio Grande.

On Thursday, Abbott also signed six bills that directly address securing the border, with one of the legislations expanding the U.S. Border Patrol agent’s authority and focusing on coordinating border security efforts between all interested states without congressional approval.

Recently Abbott had also requested other states to send assistance in order to help Texas handle the crisis at the border. In a tweet last month, he also reported that through his busing operation, 18,500 migrants had been transported to “sanctuary cities.”

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