GOP Unveils New Tactic for Targeting Key Demographic Before Election

GOP Unveils New Tactic for Targeting Key Demographic Before Election

GOP’s New TACTIC Could Change Everything

( – Over the last year, polls have shown that Democrats are losing minority voters to the Republican Party. On March 11, The Wall Street Journal revealed that Hispanics would support a Republican candidate by a margin of nine points over a Democrat. That’s a significant shift. Democrats are also beginning to lose the support of Black Americans as they dropped from 56% support in November to 35% in May.

Now, the GOP is looking to gain an advantage over Democrats with Asian Americans, who compose the fastest-growing minority group in America. On Monday, May 16, Fox News talked with two Asian American Republicans in Congress who say many Asians identify more and more with Republicans over issues that matter to them.

If the GOP continues to make sizable inroads with the Asian community, combined with political shifts among other minority groups, it could relegate Democrats to a predominantly white, wealthy, progressive base and leave them vulnerable to significant losses to Republicans in years ahead.

GOP Targets Asian Voters Ahead of Midterm Elections

Throughout May, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has made a concerted effort to bring more Asian Americans into the GOP fold. May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Month. The RNC believes it’s the perfect time to expand its investments into minority communities while many grow frustrated with Democratic policies that are making things more expensive for them.

The GOP says it will continue running ads in national and local newspapers with large Asian communities. In addition, they are taking a playbook out of the Texas GOP. Republicans are launching grassroots community centers that will focus on building bridges and relationships with minority voters and voter outreach operations.

The move by the RNC makes sense. According to Pew Research, Asian Americans comprise approximately 7% of the total US population and are the fastest-growing group in the United States. In an op-ed in The Hill, RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Republicans want to talk with those the Democratic Party has abandoned.

McDaniel said the Democrats’ radical far-left plan is out of step with Asian voters, with whom the GOP has made inroads over the last several years. From 2016 to 2020, Republicans experienced a 7% increase among Asian voters. Vietnamese-Americans made a seismic 14% shift away from Democrats towards the GOP.

Two Asian Congresswomen Stress That Their Values are American Values

Reps. Young Kim (R-CA) and Michelle Steel (R-CA) told Fox News that the Republican Party has what Asian American voters are looking for – pro-opportunity policies that create economic growth allowing all Americans to succeed. Kim said that lower taxes, more opportunities, empowering and protecting communities, fighting crime, and controlling inflation resonate with the Asian community.

Steel said that when she talks with Asian Americans on issues, they agree with GOP policies.

Both Congresswomen expressed that education is a core issue. It’s especially important to Asian Americans who feel the government has forgotten them while universities discriminate against Asian American students in admission policies.

If the GOP can earn the vote of Asian Americans, it may be enough to make Democrats a long-term minority party.

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