Governor Calls Out Biden, Tells Him to Apologize for Calling MAGA Supporters “Semi-Fascist”

Governor Calls Out Biden, Tells Him to Apologize for Calling MAGA Supporters

Biden Asked To APOLOGIZE – Top Republican Finally Says It

( – On Thursday, August 25, President Joe Biden demonstrated his contempt for the GOP by calling those who support the MAGA movement semi-fascists while addressing a reception for the Democratic National Committee in Bethesda, Maryland. On Sunday, New Hampshire Republican Gov. Chris Sununu said his remarks insulted half of America and demanded he apologize for the over-the-top statement.

Biden said that MAGA Republicans threatened personal rights, economic security, and democracy. On Friday, reporters asked the Commander in Chief what he meant by “semi-fascism,” and he replied that they knew exactly what he meant.

Gov. Sununu condemned extreme rhetoric on both sides of the aisle and said the president continued to polarize the country instead of bringing it together as he promised on the campaign trail and during his inaugural speech in January 2021. The governor added that Biden appeared intent on stirring controversy and stated all Republicans were no more fascists than all Democrats are communists.

Fascism is a political philosophy that believes a multiparty democracy weakens a nation. It also asserts that capitalism is exploitative and wasteful. MAGA Republicans do not meet the definition of fascism. Instead, they argue smaller government, fewer regulations, and less spending will save democracy.

So, was Biden’s comment irresponsible?

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