Green Beret Launches New PAC in Response to Biden

Green Beret Launches New PAC in Response to Biden's Negligence

U.S. Soldier RISES UP Against Joe Biden – He’s Fighting Back!

( – As the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, the President of the United States serves as the head of the US military. Yet, many Americans continue to question whether President Joe Biden is fit for the task. On Monday, May 30, an Army Special Forces veteran launched the Green Beret PAC. Jason Bacon said his Political Action Committee (PAC) aims to help other special forces and conservative veterans fund their campaigns for Congress.

Bacon said the decision to formally launch the PAC on Memorial Day was no accident. He noted that less than a year after the country saw Biden’s failed leadership contribute to the loss of American lives in Afghanistan, he intended to do something about the president’s negligence. The veteran Green Beret said America must elect real leaders to Congress who have the experience and knowledge that could help prevent Biden from making any more mistakes.

Bacon said Biden’s military withdrawal proved how ill-equipped he was to make military decisions for America. He explained that the veterans running for Congress already demonstrated their qualifications for civilian leadership on the battlefield, and that Green Berets are warrior-diplomats whose experiences eclipse that of your typical Congressional candidates.

The Green Beret PAC endorsed eight veterans running as Republicans for Congress ahead of the midterm elections this November.

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