Greg Gutfeld Says Only an “Idiot” Would Listen to Joe Biden at This Point

Greg Gutfeld Says Only an

( – Host of Fox News’ popular show “The Five,” Greg Gutfield, is getting a lot of attention for his reaction to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) address. Gutfield, a fierce opponent of Biden and the Left, dug in his heels and let the president have it over some remarks he found particularly offensive — Biden’s call to “fund the police.”

Gutfield contends this is a political ploy to take the focus from what a disaster the policy has been among the Democrats. Except for a few on the far left, the idea has largely been a talking point for protests rather than policy. According to Gutfield, however, that doesn’t exempt the president from his actions during those tumultuous times.

Gutfield reminded the audience Biden spent the bulk of his time in the summer of 2020, during the rise of BLM protests and rioting, in his basement focused on masks and closing businesses.

During the portion of the speech in which Biden improvised “fund them, fund them!” as he collected praise from both sides of the aisle, Gutfiled became extremely passionate about what he saw as hypocrisy from President Biden. “All of a sudden, he’s ‘back the blue,’” said Gutfield, pointing out that Biden’s embrace of “woke” orthodoxy was largely responsible for the elevation of the Black Lives Matter movement to a status “above law enforcement.”

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