Harris Claims Rural American’s Can’t Copy ID for Voting

Harris Claims Rural American's Can't Copy ID for Voting

(TheRedWire.com) – The discussion about voter fraud that took place after last year’s presidential election has now spilled over into ongoing controversy about election laws. In an effort to provide certainty around elections to avoid issues like we saw last November, many states have introduced new bills tightening the rules around things like voter ID. However, liberals have pushed back hard, complaining that new regulations in states like Georgia discriminate against minority communities.

Vice President Kamala Harris doubled down on this narrative on Saturday, July 10, during an interview with BET-TV. The vice president was arguing specifically about the potential requirement for voters to photocopy their IDs to confirm their identities. She posited this requirement was unfair on voters in rural areas, as there might be no “Kinkos [or] OfficeMax near them.” She said she supported the idea that voters should have to identify themselves, but not in ways that make it “almost impossible” to do so.

Social media was quick to respond to Harris’ absurd remarks. Rural Americans pointed out how out-of-touch Harris’ comments were, noting photocopying services did not limit availability to urban areas.

This situation with Harris is the latest gaffe from a White House administration that is quickly becoming famous for them. As for Harris herself, many have already criticized her for being unable to identify with ordinary people, and this episode will do her no favors in that regard.

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