Harris’ Fame Needy Niece Causes Major Scandal

Harris' Fame Needy Niece Causes Major Scandal

(TheRedWire.com) – It appears some of the people closest to Vice President Kamala Harris are cashing in on her newfound name and power. Harris’s niece, Meena, is taking advantage of newfound opportunities to line her wallet and pad her checking account. And it’s starting to become a problem for the Biden administration.

White House attorneys have taken notice that Meena is profiting because she looks remarkably like Harris. They’ve warned her not to profit from her aunt’s fame while she’s in government service. During the 2020 primary and general election, Meena left “Ubering” and became a social media “influencer” thanks to her aunt’s higher political profile. She instantly profited from merchandise branded with Harris’s likeness.

Before Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign, Meena barely had a hundred followers on Instagram. It’s grown to hundreds of thousands of followers today. Corporate advertisers, including Prada, have solicited her services for modeling and product representation. Meena isn’t the only member of the family profiting from Harris’s new celebrity status — her stepdaughter and daughter-in-law are also making bank.

Will the Vice President’s niece and family continue to profit because of her government service? Only if President Biden allows it to continue.

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